A downloadable Mutated Virus (Quest) for Android

Buy Now$9.98 USD or more

-Official Support on Quest 2 (72FPS 80 FPS 90 FPS) 

{You do not need to connect your Quest on PC and using  SideQuest to unlock the Refresh Rate)

-10 years after appearance of the

pandemic the virus mutated to a new, more dangerous 

stem of the virus which was named Mutated Virus 666

Those infected by it started attacking healthy humans

 and eating them alive. Don't trust anyone!

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world and destroy as many

 as you can before they take you down!!

--Mutated Virus has the best graphics you have ever seen before on Quest!

* Support Βoth Oculus Quest 1 & 2 *

-Mutated Virus exploits to the fullest the capabilities and hardware of Oculus Quest. The whole experience, the mechanics and also the graphics are just like playing the game in Oculus Rift. A PC VR experience in Quest! All that with smooth motion and framerate!

- 14 Weapons

- 3 Maps

- 16 Zombies

- Wordwide Leaderboards

- Survival mode

- Full locomotion

- Latest Gen Graphics  (Gen 4)

- Snap turning

- Movable lights

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authoranomos studios
GenreShooter, Action
TagsFPS, Horror, Oculus Quest, Survival Horror, Virtual Reality (VR), Zombies
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsOculus Quest


Buy Now$9.98 USD or more

In order to download this Mutated Virus (Quest) you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.98 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MutatedVirus-Android-Shipping-arm64.apk 1 GB


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Would you give me a free key if I buy the game on Itch.io ? Thank you!

Heykaizocrunch, you can get it and from meta store!

I Can't open the package

Hey Ricky-p , send me an email here anomosstudios@gmail.com

How to open it in my qu'est 2?

Hey Ricky-p , send me an email here anomosstudios@gmail.com 


Would you consider giving me a free key in exchange for a review on my tiktok (there's afew examples of reviews on my page @zombvr) account? My most recent video managed to get 5000 likes and I have 20k followers, if not I completely understand, thanks!

Hi,  send message here anomosstudios@gmail.com


Trying to organize my Quest games and was wondering if its possible to get a key for the game for App Lab if you own the game through itch?

I bought it a while ago and sideloaded it. 


Please Send you message  here anomosstudios@gmail.com  from  email you made the purchase.
Thank you.

Deleted 2 years ago

GRINKE (@SebGrinke) / Twitter

Hey StudioPoncho ,I think you are made a mistake this message it  is not about this Game!

Congratulations on the Sales start of the app on "App Lab".

Is there a 'Lab key' distribution for itch users?

Thank you.

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Thank you Frederick3695 
Yes, for all users has purchase from itch.io 
Just Send me from your purchase email anomosstudios@gmail.com

I received the code. Thank you.

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I purchased the game but it gets stuck at the loading screen on Oculus Quest 2. I have the latest SideQuest version and v29 on Oculus. Restarting the HMD doesn't help. Any other idea?

Hey Manurocker95 try to restart the Oculus Quest 2 and try again. if you still have problem contact  us anomosstudios@gmail.com

Purchased this and cant download it through here. Just errors.

Hey mjshl2 , you must use sidequest methods to install the game Look at this link the videos on the Right corner how to do  https://sidequestvr.com/setup-howto

game will not install gets about 90% then says installer not working

Hey Tavonne, try to download again the apk restart your quest , and update  the SideQuest sofware to the last Version.

Please Send  message  here anomosstudios@gmail.com  from  email you made the purchase.
Thank you.

Are there plans to put this on Oculus Labs?

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Hey JohnlnCayceLex ,Thank you for your comment.We working on a Big update  for for both of our games (Bionic Hunter And Mutated Virus) will be ready for Oculus Quest App Lab about 1-2 months.When Published on App Lab we will send email With Free Key ( the purchase  email} to all those who have bought it from itch.io  Thank you.


thank you for the reply!

Please Send you message  here anomosstudios@gmail.com  from  email you made the purchase.
Thank you.

Please Send  message  here anomosstudios@gmail.com  from  email you made the purchase.
Thank you.

bonjours ,j'essaye dpuis 2 jours de telecharger et arriver a  peu pres a 1 giga de telechagement s le telechargement s 'arrete ,pourriez vous me donner un solution ,mercie pour votre reponse


Avez-vous un problème avec votre Internet d'après ce que j'ai compris, réessayez, si vous continuez à avoir un problème de contact us anomosstudios@gmail.com

mercie pour votre reponse,j ai reussie a le telecharger et il et tres bien ce jeux ,mais je vient de voire q uil y a une mis a jours 2.2v , pourriez vous m indiquer la procedure a suivre pour  faire cette mis a jours ,mercie

Ce que vous avez téléchargé a déjà la mise à jour 2.2

mercie pour votre reponse.

Please Send  message  here anomosstudios@gmail.com  from  email you made the purchase.
Thank you.

Deleted 2 years ago

Could not install it via SideQuest. When manually installed, it freezes/crashes every time when starting the first level. (Quest 1)


Hey artink ,I just installed it using SideQuest application  all it is ok not crashes.Try to uninstall ,after that restart your quest 1 and try to install again using SideQuest application. if you continue to have a problem contact us anomosstudios@gmail.com Thank You.


Got it to work by upgrading Sidequest to the latest version. Holy crap! This is so much fun. Really scratches that 90's era FPS vibe, like Serious Sam. It's so much fun kiting the enemies across the levels looking for pickups. Artstyle is great - reminds me a lot of HL2. I had a minor bug a couple of times on Forest, where backing into small trees got me stuck in the geometry and I couldn't move.  But all in all, I'm loving it!

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Hey Artnik thank you very much for your comment. This is really great that you liked the game.We are doing our best to develop the Quest version further and make it even better; and there are a lot of interesting updates to come in the future.We know for this minor bug,  in the next update we fix it  about  1-2 weeks we are currently working on a very Big Update for the Bionic Hunter we are sure you will like this too ;)  Thank you Artnik  for Playing Mutated Virus.

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago